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Ziella founded the new writing theatre show Love Bites in 2008. Her plays include Blind Date, True Love, A Room on Greek Street and Down in One. Her work has been performed at Southwark Playhouse, the Live Theatre Newcastle and the Red Room New York, as well as at the various venues to host Love Bites over the years. Her love of romantic comedies and the chaos of modern dating has led Ziella to write extensively about love and relationships.

How To Mend A Broken Heart is out this May 2021 with Fairlight Books.

Sparked by the many heartbreak conversations Ziella has had over the years with her neuroscientist best friend this warm and witty self-help book outlines the impact a relationship break-up can have on our brains and bodies. It explores how a broken heart can affect everything from our sleep to our digestion; how rejection is represented in the brain in the same way as physical pain; how the brain processes loss; and how a break-up can trigger addiction-like withdrawal symptoms – plus tips for counteracting heartbreak and moving on to acceptance.

More details available at Fairlight Books

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